Romeo and Juliet

Clara Maude

The Feud

The blame for Romeo and Juliet's death would most likely be The feud. If the feud was never a thing, none of this would have happened. Romeo and Juliet would be able to be married or together without people saying they can't love that person because the family didn't like each other. When Romeo and Juliet discover that they come from families that are very big enemies Romeo says, ,¨ And but thou love me, let them find me here: My life were better ended by their hate, than death prorogued, wanting of thy love¨ (Shakespeare 2.2. 76-78). Romeo saw love over hate in Juliet and says that he saw love and that's all he needed and he didn't care if the family's feud killed him. Juliet also agrees and doesn't care who is in the way with her or Romeo's love, she says, “ Deny thy father and refuse thy name” (Shakespeare 2.2 34). Romeo and Juliet are not going to listen to anyone but their hearts and their hearts tell them to go for love and be together, their parents feud won't stop them. If they love each other then nothing especially the feud should not be in there way.


Together, we could be, only if there wasn't.

Only if there wasn't such a thing.

Only if there wasn't a feud.

We could be in peace.

We could be endless.

We could be together.

But that's just a fairy tale you say.

If the feud wasn't a thing, It could be a fairy tale.

We don't care.

We will love through anything.

My poem resembles the feud because it shows there fighting for love and they don't want to hide there love for each other so its saying they should be able to love each other without people saying they cant be together.


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