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STAAR w/Accommodations, STAAR SOA and STAAR-A Training 2014

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Let's Talk Accommodations!

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STAAR-A?? A...What?

So What about STAAR-SOA

  • The Standard Oral Administration is available for the following tests:
    • grade 4 reading and mathematics
    • grade 5 science
    • grade 6 reading and mathematics
    • grade 7 reading and mathematics
    • grade 8 science and social studies

    Students eligible to take this test would need the accommodation of "oral accommodation with the option to adjust support."

    Information about SOA is available on the TEA website at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index2.aspx?id=25769815053&menu_id=793. This information includes the student tutorial for SOA as well as some released STAAR test forms.

    So, What's the big idea?

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    The purpose of STAAR-A is to reduce prep time for materials and teachers. Thus focused on more content teaching.

    1. Does the student know the content?

    2. Does the student know the strategy?

    3. Are these accommodations being provided? Is a full oral test the most appropriate?

    4. Does the student have the skills (dexterity and computer knowledge) to take this test?

    5. Supports the student who is more independent

    6. Will be/can be given in a small group

    7. NOT in Spanish

    8. Two or more accommodations must be met in order to be eligible

    The purpose of STAAR-SOA is to accommodate those students who know what they know and know they can do it! It is an oral test but the oral accommodation can be reduced per the student.

    1. It is only available for some tests.....none are EOC.

    2. Best serves the student who moves at a faster pace and is slowed down by the entire reading of the test and the small group that depends on others completing their questions for them to move on.

    3. Perfect for auditory learners

    STAAR Test with Accommodations

    1. This is a paper pencil test

    2. It will require more preperation on the school staff

    3. It will not have embedded accommodations as the STAAR-A will

    4. Serves less autonomous kids who need the physical presence and the actual human voice