Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Tyler Thompson


-Hearing is well developed

-Awareness of mid-range sounds comes first

-High-range comes second,then low-range

-By 11, kids have auditory of adults

-Ear infections are a problem

They can cause permanent hearing loss

They will decrease due to change in structure.


-By 6, kids are ready to read

-Can see objects with both eyes at the same time

-Improved focus

-Preschool children are farsighted

-Middle school kids have improved near-sight vision

-Middle school kids become more near-sighted (Problem)

Can receive corrective lenses for this problem( 25% of kids need it)


-Loss of primary teeth (baby teeth)

-First teeth to go are central incisors (middle top and bottom)

-By 12, all permanent teeth are in

They appear out of place(at first)but the face grows

-Tooth loss cause psychological problems

Children will become self-conscious \

-Children with bad dental health have decay


-Obese is 20% body fat or higher

-Effect 25 percent of school-age children

-Obese kids can have lack of self esteem

-Obesity has several factors


environment (eating)

lack of activity