And great basketball stars

How was the basketball game?

Basketball's history begins with the invention of the game in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States. James Naismith invented basketball first. Highsmith was a practice game indoors, for the period between the end of football season opening baseball season, in order to keep fit of the actions of the College. He put two wheels on the walls on both sides of the pitch (network consisting of RIM was "basket of oranges"), and the goal was to shoot them. Because Naismith stood at disposal of eighteen players, he divided them into two groups of nine. After a short period of time changed the game for five players against three players. In the following years the game has gained momentum and popularity but the size remains constant.

In 1906 the revolutionary idea was to open up the bottom so that the ball hits the Court and the game continues quickly. According to its implementation of Naismith, prohibits players to dribble and moving with the ball, but only hit it with one hand or both hands. The only laws he really missed was in 1910. After a heated discussion, that the player can throw the basket after dribbling (a move that was not before) the game has become established fairly quickly, becoming very popular in the early 20th century has progressed, first in America and then around the world. After the basketball team became established in American colleges, following a professional game; The American National Basketball Association (NBA), established in 1949

The greatest basketball players in history.

First Michael Jordan didn't get to many groups as a teenager and not give up and eventually became the largest basketball history when he invented the Dunk at 360 degrees and a Michael Jordan dunk aaonshin is me an example and I learned not to give up on things that matter to you. Michael Jordan is my favorite player.

Second LeBron James when he won a lot of titles such as first choice in the draft and MVP, and is one of the players from the top 10 players with the most career points in the history.

And the last player Kobe Bryant one of the players the best and most successful in the history of the NBA.

In 2014 ranked third in the all-time scoring list.

Won four times in the MVP, an all time high.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's Top 10 Intense Slam Dunks Of All Time!

LeBron James

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LeBron James - Absolutely All Slam Dunks 2013 HD

Koby Bryant

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Kobe Bryant Best Dunks (2013) HD

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