Welcome to Our Art Community!

Jeanne Peltier

You are going to love it here and I can't wait to create something amazing with you!

I believe that everyone can do art, yes, everyone. We are all individuals with different ways of seeing the world, that's what makes us interesting and that's what makes our art unique. Even if we mess up, those mistakes can lead to masterpieces. A fine example would be Leonardo DeVinci's Last Supper mural which was actually a failed experiment. If he can continue to try after a world class failure, so can you. If you learn nothing else in my class, I want you to learn to believe in yourself.

Hockey great, Wayne Gretzky said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I believe that! Anything is possible if we work together and TRY! and I promise you, if you take the shot, you will create something amazing!

Community is important.

Our class is a community of artists. It is an inviting, interesting and tolerant place where everyone will feel like they belong. We will also be an integral part of the larger community outside our walls. Our school is lucky to be in a community filled with such richly diverse people. I can't wait for your parents, guardians, and families to share the art of your culture, their vocations and community involvement with us. Some of our lessons will include understanding why these topics are so important. Together we will analyze, question and critique the world around us and in the process discover many things. Through these experiences you will become equipped to make our world a better place.

A Little About Myself

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Examples of My Own Artwork