Erin Shaver



Education for the 21st Century! Check back to this portfolio to keep up with my adventures in technology integration!

I LOVE using Thinglink with my students! It has provided me with an avenue to present lessons using different media forms in an interactive way.

Specifically, I have used Thinglink to expand my vocabulary and phonics instruction.

Vocabulary Instruction

I take a piece of literature I'll be using in the my classroom and I identify 5-10 words that I want my students to have an in-depth understanding of. I illustrate the meaning of these words with pictures. In Thinglink, I then link those pictures to more pictures that further illustrate the meaning of the word, and/or provide an alternate meaning or connect that words to other subjects and students' past experiences. I also link to Youtube videos and Discovery Education videos.

Phonics Instruction

My students work in independent Reading Stations every day, and I can use this time to reinforce their knowledge of letters and sounds. I make a Thinglink using pictures that begin with the sound/letter we are discussing that week and link to other pictures and videos related to that subject. I provide a QR code that my kiddos can scan that will take them to the Thinglink for them to explore on their own!
My kids beg for me to give them a quiz.


It's true!! I make quizzes in Kahoot that the kids love to take. I can assess their understanding from the reports Kahoot gives me about the quizzes and create small groups for intervention in certain skills.

Math Quizzes

Our math curriculum provides tests at the end of each topic, and I have found it to be very effective to turn theses tests into Kahoot quizzes. The kids use their iPads to answer the questions.

Delivering Interactive Content to Student Devices

I LOVE creating interactive flipcharts in ActivInspire, and ClassFlow allows me to upload those flipcharts and send individual pages to the students' iPads. The students then complete the work and can send it back to me. They love it! I can create a sorting flipchart instead of giving them a worksheet and they are so much more engaged doing it on their iPad.

Staff Meetings

I recently had 21 teachers in my classroom after school to learn about ClassFlow! I'm looking forward to following up with those teachers to see how this tech tool is enhancing their classroom instruction!