the war of 1812


France and Britain were at war and a america was in the middle and bot of France and Britain threaten to attack america because they did not want the other to trade with america so the British attacked american ships and blockaded trade routs to France to keep america from trading with France


in 1809 their was a group of congress men called the war hawks who wanted to wage war against the British they wanted this because of the attacks on american ships and in 1812 president Madison gave in and waged war on the British


early in the war america attempted to attack Canada several times and failed every time but on the bright side the american ship called the USS constitutions defeated a British war ship and it was like the cannon balls bounced right off it and that is how it got the nick name old iron sides and the war lasted for hours


in 1814 the brittsh attacked washington dc and the president and other important people fled the brittsh burned down the white house and the capital and tresurey and other importnt government buildings


america in 1814 had been fighting for more than 2 years and in January they had sined a peace treatey and before news of peace got over the atlantic ocean they were still fighting and did not know there was peace


the treaty of greant was signed and the war was over and no one was fighting and some called it the second war of independence