Aspergers Sydrome

Brain Research - Mikey Mandry

What Is Aspergers Sydrome?

  • Diffuculties in social relationships and communication
  • Dont like to make eye contact
  • Dont respond to social or emotinal contact
  • Dont participate in activities with peers
  • do not give or recive affection
  • Impaired muscle coridination
  • Appear clumsy
  • Become deeply involved in few topics these interests occupy most of their time
  • This is a type of pervasive developmental disorder
  • Delays in devolopment of socolization communication and imagination
  • Awkward in social situations
  • dont make friends easily
  • Difficulty maintaining conversation
  • Overtime this condition may develop odd repetitive movements like finger twisting
  • this condition can make you want to do thing unlike usual, such as getting dressed in a different order
  • trouble using facial expressions or gestures
  • very literal when they speak
  • movement may seem clumsy or awkward
  • exceptionally talented at one certain thing such as music of math