Bytes by Bethany

"When one teaches, two learn."- Robert Heinlein

Next week, I will be having Time to Talk Tech on Tuesday before school in the Silo Area of the 3033 Teacher Work Room. I will be there by 7:30 am.

Kid President - A Pep Talk for the World

JFHS Spotlight

The Cav Tech Crew had its grand opening this week. The Library staff has worked to get this resource up and running. If you need level one support please fill out this form. The CTC has already helped a teacher with an LCD issue and is excited to help others with technology issues.

Thinglink Tool

"ThingLink Education provides teachers and students with a powerful and flexible tool for teaching and learning that is useful across all content areas."

Thinglink provides a free space for students to create. Teachers can create accounts for students or they can create an account and share their work with you. Your students can create a Thinglink or you can to share information. There are so many possibilities. Make sure if your students are doing research they are utilizing the LMC resources. In the LMC, there is a half sheet of paper that lists login info for all the databases. Google is not always the best search engine.

Check out a few of these examples:


Social Studies



PE/ Health

Other Resources

For Teachers, By a Teacher: A 'Crash Course' in Personalization

In this article, a teacher gives four main points. Personalized learning is not easy and it takes time and energy. Check out the article here.

If you are ready to take a risk, I am happy to help in anyway that I can.

Resources for Grants

Many of you have meet Langston Ware. He is our new ITRT that is based at BMS, but is at JFHS one day a week. He added a great resource to our Collaboration Window for grants.

Check out this list of resources. As always, please make sure you have talked to the Admin Team before applying for a grant.

If you have an idea, we are happy to help you write or look for grants that might fulfill your wishes.

Google Sheets- Freezing Rows and Columns

Do you find that when you scroll through information on a Google Sheet, you forget what you are looking at in the row or column?

Well, watch this video to see how to freeze a row and column, so you can scroll and always be able to see the row headers or information in a column.

This is especially helpful if students have entered information into a Google form and you are sorting through all the info.