Freak the Mighty

Author: Rodman Philbrick

Can big max and Freak save themselves from danger, or will they encounter death?

The Author- Joey O.

The author of Freak the Mighty is Rodman Philbrick. Rodman Philbrick grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and has been writing novels since the age of sixteen. Before Rodman Philbrick became an author Rodman worked as a longshoreman which is a person employed in a port to load and unload ships, and he also worked as a boat builder which is building certain parts of the boat such as a sailboat or a ship.Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951 which means that Rodman Philbrick is now sixtyfive years old. Rodman Philbrick has two house, one house is in Maine where he lives during the summers, and he lives in Florida during the Winter seasons. For a number of years he published mystery and suspense novels for adults. Rodman Brickman has written many books and has won many awards. Some of Rodman's books are, The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg which he won the Newbery award for, Zane and The Hurricane, Freak the Mighty, The last book in the Universe, and many more other books. Some awards that Rodman Philbrick has one are the California young Reader's medal, the Arizona's Young Readers award, the Washington DC “Capital Choice” award, the New York State “Charlotte” award, and many more awards Rodman has won. In conclusion Rodman Philbrick has many interesting facts about him and has won many awards throughout his career as being an author.

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Summary- Sadie

Throughout the book Freak the Mighty Max and Freak learn that they are total opposites. They know that they're different but find that that’s what makes them the greatest team. Max and Freak tend to get themselves into trouble, a lot. For Example, when Freak and Max go to the Fourth of July fireworks they almost get sliced to death by Tony D and his gang. That makes them realize though that they are the perfect team because they did live. They also get in-trouble during school too for “horsing around and causing commotion.” Later in the book Freak brings Max on this “magical adventure” to the hospital, or in Freak’s mind a bionic lab. When they arrived Freak said that they run tests on him because they are going to build him a bionic body. This is a lie of course but Max believes him. Max also finds out that his dad Killer Kane will be getting out of jail. He is terrified because his dad had killed his mom. Max’s biggest fear comes true though when his dad sneaks into his room into the middle of the night and abducts him. That is only the beginning of what happened to Max and Freak though and no one knew how to save them.
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Book reviews- Jake M.

Freak the Mighty, a book of two boys who have nothing in common and are the best of friends. Max a huge kid, with a small brain who just lives in his grandparents until Freak came. Freak is the same age as Max but very small, but his brain says otherwise his brain is two times larger than Max’s. Max’s life changed when Freak came they have quests that Freak tells Max and they venture off to Testaments to a huge water source, they conquer everything. One of the greatest features about the book I love is it unusualness. By saying unusual I mean a normal person would write about a two kids completely different taking down bad people, and completing quests. This book is one of the best books I have read in a while but I have seen a few better.

I give this book four out of five stars because I thought I was a good book but they could add more in between the middle and end. All in all this book is a good book but it could add a little more information.

“A wonderful story...memorable and luminous...somewhat different and very special”-School Library Journal, starred review

“...riveting and poignant, with solid characters, brisk pacing, and...a little humor to carry us along.”-Booklist, boxed review

Book Cover Analysis- Gabe G.

In the book Freak The Mighty the Author Rodman Philbrick chose the this cover for the book because to me it shows that the author chose it because they are alone and don’t get a lot of attention from others. The cover represents for the plot in the book because it shows Freak raising his hands on Max showing that they are undefeatable and showing that they are strong. The cover also represents that they are in the streets which is where most of their problems occur in. Another thing is that the author chose the title for this book because during the book Freak and Max are getting through all of these problems and solving them and at the end they know that they are strong and mighty.