St. Rose of Lima Feast Day Aug. 23

By Amy Lambe

St. Rose of Lima

St. Rose of Lima was born April 20, 1586. She lived in Lima, Peru. She worked in embroidery and needlework to help support her family. She died on August 24, 1617. She was canonized on April 2, 1671, by Pope Clement X.

A Story From Her Life

Everyone admired Rose for her beauty. So she rubbed pepper on her face until it was red and blistered because at sometimes she thought that her beauty might be a temptation.

Pictures of Rose

Some More Facts

2 Miracles

St. Rose of Lima performed 2 miracles wich makes her a saint. 1. St. Rose cured a leper as her first miracle. 2. St. Rose saw Christ appear before her.

Why She is Called Rose

St. Rose's real name was Isabel, but everybody thought she was so beautiful ,so they called her Rose and that name remained.

Fun Facts

1.She is the patroness of Latin America and the Phillipines.2. She loved Jesus so much that when she talked about him she glowed and her eyes sparkled. 3. She fasted everyday. 4. She slept on a bed of broken glass, stones, and thorns.

The End!