Renaissance Cultures

by Diego Rodriguez


It was a dark time.The wealth you had relied on what you got on everything.The job the poor people had was mostly serving to the wealthy.If you were rich you would had lived the life.You would have great food and great housing.picture


The clothing was important to the Renaissance.It shows how wealthy and how much success people had.Rich people wore rich neat fancy, clothes, and the poor peasants wore old rugged clothes.Picture


The food you get depended on your life and wealth.Royalty and those wealthy people eat a big turkey or chicken and a table fulled of food.Well peasants eat soup and mosh pretty much.The soup would had be made out of left overs.Peasants didn't get a lot of meat it was expensive and rare.People drank dirty water back in those ages.picture


The wealthy people lived in housing made out of stone.Well the peasants not so much.In the early Renaissance peasants lived in cottages made out of sticks and straws with one room.Later after the black death peasants housing where upgraded to two rooms and they were made by first constructing a framework of timber, then filling in the spaces with wattle (woven twigs). Finally, the twigs were daubed with mud which, when dried, made a hard wall.


The language of the renaissance was Old English.It is has a european accent and also they have like more interesting words;like welcome they would instead say Welcome in Traveler.Picture


There was an idea called humanism it puts a focus and humans abilities,needs, and abilities.This idea changed how they wanted to paint there subjects and who they wanted.For example this great art you see was painted by this great, femause, artist named Pablo Picasso.


As transportation they just used basically horses and wagons.At sea they use boat with paddles.picture


There Architecture was inspired by the Ancient Rome and Greek.picture

Christmas Traditions

They got a baby sculpture of baby Jesus.Then they surrounded it with lots of different people.They put the bay Jesus in a hey.picture


The main religion of Renaissance Europe was Christianity and the main church was the Catholic Church. However, there were new ideas during this time including a new Christian church called Protestantism and a new philosophy called Humanism. Humanism was important to the Renaissance because it placed values on human accomplishments and the study of nature. .picture info

My Experience from the Renaissance Festival

It was fun! I saw a lot of things.I went sword fighting with my friends.We saw how glass was made.We also saw a lot of great costumes and a lot of swords and wands.I saw a man that was crazy for a circle.I think that was his property.After all that we sat down in a very peaceful place and talked.Then we went to the entranced to go back to school.It was the best field trip ever.