Reebok Revealed

by: Brinda S., Emily W., Amber C., and Elizabeth W.


Reebok is a company worth billions of dollars. Their products are very popular, and many people wear them. But behind the scenes, these products take blood, sweat, and many hours of hard work to make. It is our job to notify the people, and stop it.

About The Company

Reebok is a very expensive and large company with a massive income. Here are some facts and data about the money Reebok is dealing with.

  • There are 59.8 million shares outstanding at this moment.
  • Over 5 years, Reebok averaged a 6.36% growth rate in revenue.
  • The income growth rate over 5 years is 22.6%.
  • Reebok usually takes in about 2-4 billion dollars a year.


  • Reebok has thousands upon thousand products worldwide.
  • These products are mostly made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
  • Some products include shoes, tops, bottoms, headbands, water bottles, athletic equipment, hoodies, jackets, and so much more specified for certain weather, sports, or type of body shape.

Celebrity Endorsements

Reebok has made many deals with various celebrities from sports stars, to musicians, to actors. These people make millions of dollars, just by wearing a red symbol representing Reebok. Some of the famous names Reebok has snatched are listed below.

  • Jay Z- musician
  • Scarlett Johansson- actress
  • Peyton Manning- NFL player
  • Eli Manning- NFL player
  • John Wall- NBA player
  • Sidney Crosby- NHL player
  • Greg Norman- professional golfer

A Section of the Reebok Code of Conduct

Some people believe that Reebok is a trustworthy company with a hefty load of credibility. Well who WOULDN'T believe that with this kind of code of conduct?

  • Non-discrimination policy.
  • Judgement based only on ability.
  • Fair wages- will not pay less than the minimum wage.
  • Freedom of Association- workers are able to join organizations of their own choosing.
  • Safe and Healthy Environment- do not expose workers to hazardous conditions.

The Truth- Labor Conditions

It many seem like Reebok is a good company, successful and thriving, but they do a pretty good job at hiding the truth. They have over 75,000 employees, or should I say slaves. These facts below are just a short description of what a day in the life of a sweatshop worker for Reebok is like.

  • Spouses of workers rarely see each other, and have to leave the children behind.
  • Workers are paid lower than the local minimum wage.
  • People often work overtime- an average of 86 hours of overtime each month.
  • They work in hot temperatures, toxic fumes, drink unsafe water, and have filthy bathrooms.
  • Reebok does not hire males because they believe women are easier to manage.
  • Female workers experience sexual harassment from supervisors, but are not allowed to tell anybody for the sake of their jobs.

Unfair Salaries

Compared to the 19 cents that women earn, the CEO of Reebok makes an ANNUAL $13.6 million. That means it would take 71,578,947 sweatshop workers just to equal one man's pay.

Other Salaries:
  • Director of Marketing= $118,333
  • Design Manager= $125,160
  • Footwear Designer= $67,614
  • Brand Manager=$87,733
  • Financial Analyst=$52,545

Think About It!

Women sew approximately 4.4 jerseys per hour, but they are paid 19 cents per jersey. That is less than 1/10 of retail price. Is a $70 jersey really worth buying when someone works for hours on it and gets paid less than the price of a gumball?

Watch this Video!

Watch the short clip below to see a sweatshop worker's experience.
Fashion Child Labour in Cambodian Reebok & Nygard Sweatshop

What can you do?

If you want to make a difference, you can do many things.

  • Create a petition and send it to the company.
  • Send an email.
  • Write a letter, stating your displeasure.
  • Start a protest.
  • Don't buy Reebok products.