COVID Update #9

Friday 18th March

WEEKLY UPDATE - Term 1 Week 7

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Thank you to the parents who have been using the self-reporting portal to lodge both positive and negative results prior to children returning to school. A reminder that it is vitally important that parents and caregivers inform the school if their child tests positive for COVID-19, or logs a negative result before returning to school. The self-reporting portal can be accessed here:

COVID-19 Self-reporting Form for Students and Staff members

Below is a summary of the positive cases in our community from Saturday 11th March - Friday 18th March. This data is gathered using the self-reporting portal which records positive cases to the year level, rather than individual classes. As always, a number of these were already in isolation or absent from school.

Pre-Primary - 5

Year 1 - 1

Year 2 - 2

Year 3 - 1

Year 4 - 3

Year 5 - 1

Year 6 - 2

Staff - 2

Stay safe over the weekend and enjoy the return of footy season! A couple of cracking games to start the season so whether you are a Dockers or West Coast supporter, wishing your team the best of luck this weekend.

Kind regards

Jason Baker