Sports Nutritionist

Zach Wasser

Description of Sports Nutritionist

They work in the health field and develop and supervise diet plans. They do everything from number of calories to the kind of food to eat. They create meal plans to help athletes gain weight or lose weight.

Certification for Sports Nutritionist

Once a bachelors degree is obtained most states require nutritionist to obtain a license and or certification.

Daily Activities

Analyze athletes needs and create plans for their specific needs. Counsel athletes on eating and exercising plans to achieve success. They help athletes who are injured become healthy faster through nutrition. They work with athletes to create a plan for success based on the athletes specific needs.

Education Requirements

Must obtain at least a bachelors degree in dietician, nutrition, or another health science field.


The average salary is between $40-$60 thousand a year. Median salary is close to $55,000


Excellent communication

Evaluate energy balance

Self motivation/ ability to work independently

Good time management

Good at creating graph and analyzing data


Practice Settings

Colleges, high schools, gyms

Food services

Nursing care facilities

Rehab places

Sports teams

Job outlook

Projected to grow 21% from 2012 to 2022
Day in the Life: Dietitian
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