Edgerton Weekly #33

May 13, 2016

Equity In All We Do-Positive Phone Calls Home

One of our SIP goals is to build positive relationships with Edgerton families by making four positive phone calls home each month (Domain 5c). These calls help us to build positive relationships with our students and families. This is a reminder to help us stay on track! It's also a reminder to please continue to refer students to the office for positive behavior referrals. Here's the link if you need it. It would be great to get at least one positive office referral from each staff member between now and the end of the school year.

New Phones!? Hello!

The district will be replacing the EDG phone system this summer. This should be a big improvement! In the new system, everyone will get a direct dial phone number. The roll outs in other buildings have gone pretty smoothly and Tech will support us if we have any questions.

Professional Development Day-May 27

On May 27 we will meet at 8:15 in the Media to review our end of year Eagle Pride Data. This should take 15 minutes or less. The remainder of the morning is yours to work on your TDE end of year activities, including the end of year TDE survey. The survey will be sent out to you soon. The afternoon of May 27 is teacher prep time.

School Wide Behavior Plan

As we finish up a busy week (with many subs in the building, not a lot of outdoor recess, changes in the schedule, etc) it might be a good time to review some of the positive strategies laid out in our School Wide Behavior Plan. As the year wraps up some of our students can struggle with the transition of the school year ending. The 4:1 positive/negative ratio is especially important for some of our kids at this point in the year. To review our School Wide Behavior Plan click here. There are some suggestions for the end of the year, reflecting on Hopes and Dreams and reteaching some of the strategies we taught in the first six weeks of school. If you find you are giving lots of redirection and reminders for the same things, you could also invite Mimi or myself in to do a class problem solving meeting or a social conference with individual students.

Thank you's!

  • A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped with Special Friend's Day! Thank you to the E-Team for working to make it more equitable, thank you to staff who pushed into classrooms and prepared to host Special Friends, thank you to Val for getting the cookies, water and flowers, thank you also to Laura for organizing the Science Fair!
  • Another big THANK YOU to Debbie, Jake and everyone else who helped with the 3rd grade and 4th grade musical and Superchoir concert. A grandparent said to me on the way out last night "I've never seen so many children so well behaved!". It was another great event at Edgerton that engaged families and community! Thank you!

There is no tired like end of the year teacher tired!

So it's May. This is the point in the year where it feels like we've run a marathon, because well, we have. I know it's hard work and I know we are tired. I'm tired too. But! We still have kids that need us to show up everyday and give them the best we've got. The image below was something shared by an educator I know. It was a good reminder for me. Let's remember this in May. I promise I will too! Keep showing up.
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