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Lake Highlands expels 10 girls this week for "distracting" the boy students

Frank Miller, the principal at Lake Highlands High School, has expelled ten female students this week. "Distracting" boys by showing their shoulders and thighs was the reason cited for the expulsion.

"I was trying to take a test, but I couldn't focus because her shoulders were showing out from her top," said one of the boys who complained to the administration. "Her shoulders kept beckoning me to look towards them, like a siren call, so much so that it was prohibiting me from completing and doing well on my test."

"I'm so glad something was finally done about this outrageous dress," said another fellow student. "Anytime I was trying to concentrate on my work, I'd be preoccupied by the girls and their showing skin around me. Anything past the neck and above the knee's is way too scandalous and should never be allowed in a school environment."

While many girls have joined protests and rallies in defiance of the expulsion, all of the male students on campus have expressed relief at the news of the girl's suspension.

"I never liked revealing clothing," said one of the sophomores. "They keep me from my work, and why should the girl's be allowed to dress comfortably like we can? There's no way the dress code would ever permit that."

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