Math Matters

September 19-23

New for this week:

Progress Reports come out on Tuesday! Ask to see it.

Math 7

We are finishing up our first unit this week. The students will have a review to study on Monday. This is highly recommended! The Unit Test is Tuesday. On Wednesday we begin our new unit on Finances. Students will begin by reviewing the use of percentages.

Coming Up Later:

Later we will be making net worth statements, calculating sales and income tax, and making a budget.

Honors Math 7

We have started a new unit about Geometry. This week we are concentrating on transformations on the coordinate grid. Students have learned about translations and rotations. Coming up will be reflections. The quiz on Transformations will be on September 22.

News Flash!

I will be out Thursday this week on September 22 for regular medical appointments. Ms. Joanne Turner will be our guest teacher. Please emphasize to your student to be respectful and obedient.
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