Invisible People

By: Shawnee Haight


The most important cause of people being homeless is they have no money. Kids got put into foster care or the child got taken away from their mother when very young. People you say thery're invisible is because they think there not noticted.

Stories told

This guy named Miguel got taken away from his mother at 8 years old and was later placed into a foster home. Miguel tried to reurn to his mother but the living situation was volatile. This mother named Lisa and her daughter Lexus had trouble stay ing with family, pregnant and unable to work, Lisa and Lexus ended up in a weekly rate hotel. Lisa was loz and no imcome.

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The government could help by putting aside money for homeless people/rise money. Build shelters that run for free just for homeless people like in the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness." I think if the govenment would do this they should have the 'homeless' person prove that he or she is homeless.


I think to know and help people who are homeless is to get the word out. Put flyers up, posters, advertise it on tv, whatever it takes. Let people know that some are suffering in our world.


Start a fundraiser for homeless people and put money in it to help the needy. Put a word out to the govenment that we should build shelters and run them for free just for the homeless. Put flyers up that theres a retail shop in town for great prices and run a pantry for people who don't have drives.