Foundation Two

Friday 14 November

This week

  • Learnt about dinosaur teeth
  • Sorted plant and meat eating dinosaurs into groups
  • Enjoyed reading
  • Had our first guided reading session
  • Learnt how to add 1 more
  • Learnt how to word build using 3 letters sounds
  • Made plasticine dinosaurs
  • Started to make our dinosaur junk models
  • Labelled dinosaur features
  • Enjoyed Children in Need day dressed as superheroes - thank you for all your contributions
  • Enjoyed our mystery readers

Next week - you can help us by ....

Independence stop - 'kiss and drop' your child off at the top of the slope from Tuesday.

Please bring your reading folder and reading diary everyday.

Remember Open Morning on Monday 17 November 08:45-09:15. Please do come along to see how your child learns.

Save the date - This year the Foundation 2 singalong will be on Monday 8 December at 09:15 in the Studio. There will be just one performance this year, so please do save the date.

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