Solar Power vs Gas Power?

By: Carter, Dominic, Kayla, Kayleese, and Madison

Solar Power

Gas Power

Gas is drilled out from the wells that are mostly in the ground. Gas is a nonrenewable resource now because it can not be replenished in a human time fame. Gas pollution the Earth from using it, by using cars, factories, and gas powered ovens. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. It could be formed by decomposing plants and animals or matter could be exposed. Intense pressure from thousand and millions of years. Natural gas costs 2082 dollars in 7 days.gas coast 2,082 in seven 1999 to 2009 Natural gas coast 13,000 dollars in the united states in November 14 natural gas coast 4,000 dollars. Natural gas at least take's 1,000 years to form.It is bad for the Earth because money is made from trees and trees is a natural resource.