Posture and Technique

Dangers of incorrect posture and technique


Reason for technique and posture

Technique and Posture is a very important thing while sitting in front of your computer. Technique means the form and keying style that a typist uses while operating a keyboard. Posture means the way the typist’s arms, wrist, fingers, legs and feet are placed. Correct posture and technique helps make working on the computer easier, faster, and prevents injuries from occurring. Correct posture and technique can help you from getting problems with your back, fingers , wrist , neck , and shoulders.

Injuries from incorrect posture and technique

There are so many different types of injuries and problems that can occur while working at a computer and im here to help warn you about those dangers!

Fatique- general weakness often occurs after you have done to much work.

CTS- Carpal tunnel syndrome is a stress problem caused by repetitive movement of joints, especially wrist, can lead to several musculoskeletal problems.

Computer vision syndrome- a degenerative eye problem, can cause loss of eye sight.

Musculoskeletal problems- this problems relate to musculoskeletal disorder which is caused by the need to be crouched or hunched over which causes back problems.

some pictures of the syndromes and problems that can occur

So make sure to be safe while working at your computer!