Changing Careers

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Considering a Change: Exploring your Options

If you are thinking about getting another job, or you're about to get laid off, it's always great to consider why you want to leave or why you are being forced to leave.

How to consider your options.

When you are considering a change, analyze your options on why you want to change your job. Also, if you get laid off, or fired you can explore your skills in job requirements.In the name of job-interviewing-site , if you were to want to change your job , you should consider why. The options could be because the location is too far away from your house, you want to get away from a failing company, or for it to better benefit your strengths, skills, and career desirers. You need to consider these options so you get the problem over with. If you get laid off, it's always good to find out why, and try to find another job.

Fun Fact: Researches show that the #1 solid reason people look for a new job is getting away from a bad boss

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Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

We all know that finding another job can be hard, and being fired from job also is hard. Well, before anything happens, you should have a back-up plan.

Making the Plan

In the words of Strength of Us, you should update your résumé if you feel like you're about to lose your current job. You should also set aside an emergency fund just in case you're about to lose your job. It would be a good idea to keep an eye out for another job. Before you go to another job, you should ask for a letter informing you why you're job has been terminated if you've been laid off.
You should same examples of your work on a personal flash drive, so you know what is your best work. . Strength of us says, it might be hard to save them after, because most companies won't let you gain access to your email account, so you have to save the documents right away.
In the words of Tamah DePriest, you should list jobs you could be interested into. Try to find jobs you can advance your own skills, into your new job.
In the words of Linked In, another plan to do is make sure you research the jobs, and once you find one you need to know what the company is all about. Also, prepare yourself for more interviews.

Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

In the words of The College Foundation of North Carolina, While you look for a new job, you should keep it confidential from everyone. Especially your boss, and co-workers. Until you found out that you gained the job, you should tell nobody. When you have gotten the job, then you should give your employer a proper notice that you will be leaving. You should let your former employer down easy. Meaning, you should explain why you're leaving. Before you do leave, make sure the reason is a good one. One to where, no matter what you did to improve the job, can't be fixed.
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Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experience

In the words of The Local Job Network, you should always say thank you when you start your new job. You need to understand the work environment, and you have to know exactly what you're doing.
You should also introduce yourself to everyone, understand the culture in the environment, and keep your work value. This was mentioned by The Local Job Network for advice on beginning a new job.
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