Fuller Family Newsletter

Special Edition - Open House 2020

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At the core of Fuller Middle School is a sense of pride and unity in our diverse community, where students are innovators and architects of their own learning and future. ~ Fuller's Vision


Welcome to Fuller Middle School's Open House Night!

Since we are unable to invite all of our families into Fuller MS at this time, each of the Teams have shared information about themselves and their curriculum through a Newsletter. I have organized the Newsletters by Grade and/or Team.

I encourage everyone to take their time reading and enjoying these introductions to your children's teachers and this year's curriculum.

Thank you,

Kerry Wood

Fuller Middle School Principal

Multi-Grade Teams (Grades 6-8)

6th Grade Teams

7th Grade Teams

8th Grade Team

English as a Second Language (ESL)

World Languages

Unified Arts


Additional Resources for All Students

"You cannot call yourself a 'culturally responsive' educator if your purpose is to raise test scores rather than to liberate young people's spirits and ignite their intellectual curiosity" ~ Zaretta Hammond