The day the mustache took over

by: Allen Katz

I think this is a good book

The Day The Mustache Took Over

This will be about two kids mom who left to go out for dinner and then she hires a baby-siter to watch her kids for her but before murry came along the one baby-siter quit so then that is when murry comes along and watches the kids don't behave themselves so I suggest that after your done reading this then you should definitely get this book in my opinion, to read to mom,dad,grandma,siblings,and maybe if they want to read it to your friends but just please get this book.


According to the text Nathan and David are the only two kids in the house but then if another kid would of came over then it would make three kids and that one kid would be on of Nathan's friends. Also that means that Murry would have to make sure that one kid dose not get into any trouble or get hurt and if that one kid would of gotten hurt the parent could sue Murry. Also he wouldn't be able to baby-sit any longer.

My opinion

In my opinion the only part that was good was when Nathan and David were doing a lemonade stand and the lemonade was only forty-eight cents and they made almost $70.00

Now for the bad part the bad part was that Nathan was not listening when Murry told him to listen so now he is grounded for a couple of days


to Scott

from David

Dear Scott how can I tell my brother to listen to me without thinking that I am no fun to him?


to David

from Scott

What I think you should do is to ask him if he wants to watch TV with you and let him put on whatever he wants and you have to pretend you like it unless it's acutely funny.