Intestine fun park.

"Without it theres no fun"

Intestine Fun park rides.

Our Legend ride the Big Chew Is a ride you will never forget!
Wanna Drive? Come down to the Intestine Racing where we have the fastest go carts on the coast! Wanna Ride all the way up in the sky and drop at the last moment the Pancreas Thumper is the ride for you!

Our hour's?

6:00 Am to 11:00 at night everything is open all day you can even have a stomach bagel at 7:00 pm at night. We start to shutdown at 10:30 so you will see some stuff closing but we still let you ride some rides.

Top Rides

100 Percent Fun

Frequently asked questions?

Where is it? Winston Salem North Carolina
How much is it: 15 dollars for adult and 9 dollars for a child under 13
When is it? All year long
Are there Membership passes? : Yes 250 dollars for all year long pass free rides.
What rides can my child ride: There is a height system in the office and a height limit per ride get a pass at the office and show to the ride operater.

Intestine Fun park