Detroit Harmonie

Fifth Edition

Happy Monday

Hello Detroit Harmonie board, and welcome to the fifth edition of our weekly board newsletter. What a weekend! The Top Chef Detroit Semi-Finals were incredible. So many amazing chefs with great stories participated, and it was an honor to eat their food and here about their passion for community. We're still tabulating the final scores, but when we know the finalists, you'll bee the first to know.

Also, mad props to Searching for Sugarman for winning best documentary last night. If you haven't seen this instant Detroit classic, do it now.

Action Item of the Week

Please pass along your VIP contacts. This week, I'm going to follow up with your supporter reception invites to make sure we have a packed room.

Article of the Week

This article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review takes a look at the future of non-profits, and provides scenarios in which the non-profit world might find itself in 2025. I'm fascinated by the ways in which NPs are taking on quasi-governmental functions, particularly in Detroit.

Question of the Week

What did you do for Detroit Harmonie today?