The Coyote Howl

August 11, 2023

Vision: Preparing every person for tomorrow through experiences founded on relationships, relevance & rigor.

Mission: Every Person, Every Day

Core Values: Community, Values, Honor, Scholarship

Principal's Message

Hello CV Family,

The best word to describe the start of this school year is smooth. It has been a seamless start to the school year. Students, parents, teachers, and staff have laid the foundation for a successful year as our routines and expectations are set. I realize we will always have traffic issues, but everyone is adjusting. Many of our students, as are parents, are taking advantage of coming to campus early. We appreciate the flexibility, and I want to thank everyone for their intentional efforts to help us with the start of the year.

It won’t be long before we have events in the evening, from performances, to service, and athletics. We will be even busier on campus over the next few weeks and throughout the semester. This can become a time when students struggle to manage their time and prioritize all they engage in on-campus and off. It is a great time to start monitoring academic progress as the expectations in the classroom will continue to increase. Please reach out to teachers as soon as you have questions or concerns, and our staff will do the same.

This newsletter is an excellent source of information and is linked to our website for you to go back and refer to at your convenience. Typically I will highlight important information that is contained within the newsletter or information I want to personally share with our school community in the format of Three Dots from Mr. Dumas:

  • Open House/Curriculum Night: The event was well attended, and we appreciate parents from all grade levels showing up and meeting with your student’s teachers. The feedback from parents and staff was very positive. We would still like to gain your insights and opinions and share key information from the start of the year. Please look for communication from us seeking feedback and sharing our presentation from the event.

  • Construction Update: We still have flooring and paint being finalized on campus. Our library renovation is getting closer to being completed as well. Lastly, we are starting the process of renovating room 113. The construction equipment and fencing will be present until fall break. It will look great when it is all done, but we have to navigate the process. I have met with the construction team and they will be on campus in an enclosed capacity during the school day. Their processes have been vetted as well as their staff to ensure student safety.

  • COGNIA Accreditation Process 2023-2024 School Year: Campo Verde High School is starting the continuous improvement process through Cognia. Over this semester, we will seek your input as parents, students, and community members. Your input is vital, and your feedback will help drive the process. We will send out surveys to elicit your feedback in the coming weeks. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, which is essential to our work. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!

We look forward to another great school year and appreciate your continued support!

Best regards,

Mr. Tyler Dumas


Campo Verde High School

Every Person, Every Day!

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There is so much to celebrate on our campus. Last year we instituted schoolwide recognitions for excellence on our campus, Coyote Celebrations. The recognitions extended across content areas, clubs, athletics, staff, and students for school, district, state, and national success. Click the link below to view our Coyote Celebrations Newsletter!

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important campus information

Please click the appropriate link below to view important campus information.





NEW GPS Dress Code- 2023, School IDs Mandatory & New Dress Code Expectations

FOOD SERVICES- Free & Reduced Lunch Application



NEW Absence Reporting Tool in Infinite Campus.

There is a new and improved way for our parents and guardians to report student absences. This new feature is quick and easy to use and can be accessed through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal or through your Infinite Campus app. Simply log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and click on the ‘Submit Absence Requests’ graphic. Please note you will still be able to email attendance or call in and leave a message on our school’s attendance phone line if you would prefer. For more information on how to log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and use this new feature please visit

Parent Portal: Excusing Absences | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona

Mandatory School IDs

Temporary ID cards will be issued on the first day of school. Students will be expected to wear their ID badges at all times. This is part of our campus dress code and security.

Replacement IDs $5

Temporary IDs $1

Lunch detention is issued with 5 or more printouts for school IDs.

Be proactive and always carry a backup permanent ID in your backpack!

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Free/Reduced Meals Application

Adding money to meal accounts AND applying for free and reduced benefits are in the same place. The most direct link is:

Click the link below to view information and the application for Free/Reduced lunch.

2023-2024 Parking Permits

Click the link below to access and fill out the 23-24 Parking Permit Registration Form:


Permits may be picked up at the bookstore.

*teachers will NOT be giving passes during school hours to purchase, so please plan accordingly*

Check the bookstore's Instagram page for updated information on all things bookstore related throughout the year!

Please keep in mind that your student must currently have a driver’s license at the time of requesting a parking permit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the bookstore

TOYBOX parking

High School students parents please do not park in the TOYBOX parking or pull up to the curb near the TOYBOX gate to drop off or pick up your high school students. TOYBOX parking is only for TOYBOX preschool families. Please drop off & pick up your high school student in the parking lot north of the school.

Traffic Flow

1. Do NOT drop off/ pick up in front of the administration building. Only TOY BOX and special needs may drop off/ pick up in front of the administration building.

2. Park in designated parking spaces when:

a) unloading large items from your vehicle

b) changing drivers

3. Watch for students walking between vehicles.

4. Do NOT drop off students on the roadway or curb.

5. Lastly, after school starts, we will lock the gates to the west parking lot which will make the west lot inaccessible off Germann Road and Coyote Drive during school hours. We will unlock the gates before the end of the school day so students can exit to Germann Road and Coyote Drive.

All traffic after the start of school and up until the end of the school day must enter off Quartz Street. Drop off and pick up should take place during school hours at the front office and students should check in with attendance.

This adjustment will allow us to provide concentrated oversight by our safety and security staff to provide better coverage throughout the entire campus. While this change will not impact the vast majority of our parents, students, and staff on a daily basis, at some point it will be impactful when you need to drop off or pick up outside of your normal schedule.

We appreciate your support!

Campo Verde Administration

Please refer to our North & West Lot Traffic Flow Charts for maps.


Laura Contreras

Mrs. Laura Contreras, Assistant Principal

Academics and Counseling

Grade Level: Seniors

Administrative Assistant:

Liz Oliphant 480.545.3100 X 2102


benchmark testing

Beginning of the Year Benchmark (BOY)Testing

All 9th and 11th grade students will take the BOY Benchmark tests on the following dates:

  • Reading - Tuesday, August 15th

  • English - Thursday, August 17th

  • Math - Tuesday, August 22nd

  • Science - Thursday, August 24th

Students will take the tests during their scheduled English, Math and Science courses. Each of these benchmark assessments provides important data that helps inform instruction throughout the school year. Absent students will be given the opportunity to make up these assessments.

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New Counseling Alpha Split

School Counselors:

A-Cl - Ms. Kelly Carlson

Co-G - Ms. Kathleen Diggs

H-Ma -Mrs. Sarah McManus

Mc-Ro- Mrs. Shana Lange

Ru-Z - Mrs. Erin Carpenter

Student Services Support Team:

Mental Health Counselor- Mr. Jim Baker

College and Career Center Coordinator - Cassidy Chaney

On-Site CGCC Rep - Mrs. Chris Sabel

Counseling Secretary:

Mrs. Laurie Prosper 480-545-3100 Ext. 2121

* The CVHS Counseling Department Website: CAMPO COUNSELING

* Follow the CVHS Counseling Department on Instagram: @cvhs_counseling_dept


Global academy

Enroll in Global Academy Online Classes as a Concurrent Student

Students wishing to take an online class through Global Academy during the school year need to follow the directions to register as a concurrently enrolled student. Please note that Global Academy begins classes every two weeks. Students will have to pay a fee if they are taking more than 6 classes through the district. Start the enrollment process Here.



PSAT/NMSQT- Save the Date- Oct. 24, 2023

Campo Verde High School will be administering the PSAT/NMSQT© exam to all currently enrolled 10th grade students on Tuesday, October 24th, as well as 11th grade students who have registered Students not participating in the exam, will have a late start schedule. More specific information will be shared closer to the testing date.

All 10th graders will automatically be registered and participate.

  • No further action is needed for 10th graders.

  • Results will be used as part of their Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP).

For Juniors choosing to participate:

  • CVHS PSAT Registration for Juniors is now open through 9/1/23.

  • All college-bound Juniors are encouraged to participate! The PSAT in Junior year offers the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious National Merit Scholarship Program as well as the National Recognition Program for Hispanic, African American, Native and Rural high school students. (Did you know that Gilbert is considered a rural town?) Each of these recognitions can contribute to scholarship opportunities.

  • Student-athletes seeking recruitment opportunities are encouraged to participate as it conveys your academic commitment to coaches and recruiters. Remember, academic scholarship can be paired with athletic scholarships to reduce the cost of college.

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Erica Duckett

Mrs. Erica Duckett, Assistant Principal

Activities, Clubs, and Graduation

Grade Level: Juniors

Administrative Assistant:

Cat Jones 480.545.3100 X 2101

IG: @campo.activities


Val/Sal selection

The new GPS Valedictorian/Salutatorian selection process starts with the Class of 2024. Here are the guidelines that will be used:

  • Class rank will be used to determine the Valedictorian/Salutatorian distinction. In addition, recognition will be made for students who are in the top 1% of their class. Weighted classes will be included when determining class rank and will be identified on a student's transcript.

  • Foreign exchange students will not be eligible for the valedictorian or salutatorian position.

  • Mid-year graduates will not be eligible for the valedictorian or salutatorian position.

  • The valedictorian and salutatorian must have taken a minimum of twelve and one-half (12.5) credits (25 semester courses) at the high school from which they are graduating and must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) class periods (full time status) per semester.

  • Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be selected based on the gpa calculation after the 3rd quarter grading period of senior year.

There will be a short meeting to communicate the process to the top 5% ranked seniors the week of August 14th.

Senior Yearbook Pictures

Class of 2024!

The first step of your senior journey is to have your portrait taken for the yearbook. The yearbook's deadline for senior pictures is November 22nd. In order to meet this deadline, we have partnered with Southwest Portraits in Tempe, AZ to take your yearbook photos.

There are two options: Please read through this letter completely for details and choose the option that works best for you.


Schedule an online appointment with Southwest Portraits to have your portrait taken at their Tempe studio located at 5450 S Lakeshore Dr. Suite 108, Tempe, AZ 85283 before the September deadline.

Key Information about Option 1: Final scheduling date for studio session BEFORE November 22nd to meet the yearbook deadline.

  • Senior Portraits can be taken at the Southwest Photography Studio by calling 480-222-1199 to set an appointment. We had an error with the mailers, however, appointments can still be made by calling.
  • It is recommended that Seniors bring their own clothing. However, if necessary, the studio will provide loaner jackets, ties, and drapes as needed.
  • All studio services beyond the sitting (scheduling, ordering pictures, and paying fees) will be conducted online.
  • The Yearbook portrait sessions will include 9-14 headshots on blue/brown tone background to select one for the yearbook.
  • A deluxe session is offered with up to three outfits, including the yearbook outfit, inside and outside in each outfit.
  • Portraits will be shown immediately after the session for the students/parents to choose the yearbook portrait and see available options (choosing the yearbook pose, ordering photos, and any additional payment.)


The final chance to take photos on campus is September 6th in the auditorium lobby. This is also our re-take/makeup day.

Key Information about Option 2:

  • A limited number of poses will be taken on the yearbook background only.
  • Students must be dressed to impress (collared shirt, tie, dress, and/or professional blouse) for their senior portrait.
  • Senior photos taken on campus will be your student ID photo.

Dress Code Note: For both options, students must dress to impress (collared shirt, tie, suit jacket, dress, and/or professional blouse/professional wear). Clothing must be free of logos/signage/text and should not be transparent or too revealing. Headwear is not permitted (except in the case of religious or medical purposes).

Students are required to wear formal attire that would follow the school dress code. Please avoid plunging necklines strapless attire, or spaghetti straps. Darker colors will look best on the senior portrait background.


This year all yearbooks must be ordered through the Herff Jones website. Yearbooks may be pre-ordered at a reduced price of $70 until Sept. 30.


The school code for the Herff Jones order center is 16196.

July 1 - Sept. 30 - $70

Oct. 1 - Jan. 2 - $75

Jan. 3- March 10 - $80

*Yearbook total orders are placed to the plant after January 20. Books are not guaranteed after that date. To guarantee a book, it is recommended that you pre-order a book.


Senior ads may also be created and paid for on the Herff Jones website:


1/8 page ad=$72

1/4 page ad=$138

1/2 page ad=$220



Seniors: Senior portraits taken at Southwest Photography are the photos included in the yearbook for seniors

ID photos for seniors, taken on campus, are NOT included in the yearbook. It is important that seniors have their portraits taken at the Southwest Photography (480-222-1199) in Tempe or on campus no later than November 22nd. Come dressed in the appropriate attire.

Jeremy Zona, CVHS Yearbook Adviser

Photo days

Retake day is September 6th - Auditorium Lobby

TOYBOX Photo day is November 9th - 9am TOYBOX Playground

Senior Panoramic Photo day is November 15th - 9am Main Gym

Performing Arts Photo day is November 20th

Club Photo day is February 15th




Biomed would love it if you help save lives with your donation. Spread the word.
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NHS 2023-24

The National Honors Society is very excited to start the school year. Our first official meeting will be Tuesday, August 15th. We look forward to seeing everyone there! NHS will begin tutoring students in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 starting August 17th. We have also started planning our first social and service opportunity occurring later in the month.

There are three required forms (Transportation B, Club Permission Slip, and Social Media Guideline) that will be distributed at the first meeting and can also be found on google classroom. Students will neet to get them signed and turned in to Mrs. Zondelweski in room 531 or Ms. Fischer in room 530 no later than August 30th.

Don’t forget to pay the club fee of 35$ to the bookstore by August 30th! This fee covers club accreditation, honor cords and t-shirt costs.

Service Requirements and Opportunities

To be a NHS member students must acquire 15 service hours per semester. Important information about the required types of service and how to properly log these hours will be shared during our meeting on Tuesday the 15th.


Max Ragsdale

Mr. Max Ragsdale, Assistant Principal

Athletic Director

Grade Level: Sophomores

Administrative Assistant:

Jacee Iannarelli 480.545.3100 X 2103

IG: @campo.athletics


Gilbert Public Schools uses an online system of maintaining and tracking physicals and eligibility. To ensure your student's athletic eligibility for the 2023-2024 seasons, please go to and upload all required information. Please mark down your login information.

Visit our school's athletic website for important information regarding all sports at:

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Big news! Our library has been updated and it is more functional and beautiful than ever! The space is perfect for students to work on homework, study, check out books, and print assignments. Students are welcome in the library during the lunch hours, before school, and after school.

Chromebook Information:

If a student is having problems with his/her Chromebook, the place to go is the library. We will put it in for repair and give the student a loaner Chromebook until the original is fixed. Most problems are a simple fix and don’t involve a fee or use of insurance.

Tip: Students should login every morning once on campus and keep the GPS Portal tab open all the time.

Also, We recommend reading the Student Device Handbook.

Digital Citizenship:

Campo Verde continues to be a certified Common Sense SCHOOL. We train our teachers in digital citizenship and throughout every school year we teach our students various lessons during Coyote Time. We pride ourselves in knowing that every digital citizenship lesson we do helps our students on their path to being responsible digital citizens!




from our registrar

Transcript Orders Through Parchment

Campo is now using Parchment to order and send out all transcripts. Parchment is a vendor that electronically sends transcripts upon a student's request and is relatively self-service. However, to utilize this option moving forward, all of our students will need to create a free Parchment account. While the account is free, there is a charge if the request is for an official transcript and is paid by the student at the time of ordering.

Parchment uses the highest security standards and the service complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This service is available from approximately 12 a.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific Time.

As it gets closer to the start of school, each student will receive an invitation to register for Parchment. Check out the image to see an example email from Parchment.


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