Hitler Youth

By: Ethan, Anika, Kate, and Ali

Essential Questions

  1. What was Hitler Youth?
  2. Was there a version of Hitler Youth for girls?
  3. Were there any other organizations because of Hitler Youth?

What is Hitler's Youth?

  • Hitlers Youth is an organization started by Adolf Hitler to introduce young men in Nazi Principals and prepare them to become a Nazi.

How Does it Work?

  • When a German boy turns ten they investigate his background to make sure he is racially "pure" and then he enters into the German Young People Group.
  • After the boy turns thirteen he can enter Hitler Youth.
  • After the boy turns the age of eighteen he can enter the Nazi party and you are forced to serve in the military when you turn twenty one.

Hitler Youth for Girls

There was also a league of hitler youth for girls. It's purpose was to prepare girls for motherhood, domestic duties, and comradeship. It trains girls ages 14-18. There was also a league for 10-14 to train younger girls.
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End of Hitler Youth

  • Hitler youth ended after the allied victory.
  • The Free German Youth was modeled after Hitler Youth but replaced the Nazi belief with a communist belief. This went on until the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 1980's. After this Hitler Youth disappeared.
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