How can you help?

Ideas to support your child in their learning.

Data, data, data

Data is all around us. Is there an interest you have that uses data that you can share with your child?

Sports results, food planning, a budget, weather cycles...

You could enrich your child's learning by helping them to collect data on any topic, organise the data and then present it on a chart or graph!

You could also follow the direction of our identity unit and look at where your parents were born, their parents and so on.

Some USEFUL websites -> As seen in our video for our current work, this site enables technical generation of graphs. -> A fun site enable students to practise their interpretation skills -> Another fun and simple site to enable skill development

Watch out for MISCONCEPTIONS (Easily made mistakes!)

Follow the link to learn for mistakes people can easily make when interpreting and working with data. Help your child to understand and avoid these mistakes.