The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hugo Chavez


Hugo was viewed as an charismatic and influential leader which many people either loved or hated. Once he started to get involved in politics Hugo was able to start movements such as the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement and the Fifth Republican Movement to over throw the government. He was able to recruit supports from all over the country for his movements and campaigns. Chavez was able to gain citizens who where angered by the corruption of Venezuela's political system and accused the government for being dishonest, mismanaging the countries natural resources and catering to foreign investors. Many of the nations citizens agreed with Hugo's believes and this is how he was able to gain supporters. He was able to gather supporters such as intellectuals nationalists, land owners, business leaders in agriculture and manufacturing and young adults. This was one of Hugo's most important and useful characteristic was the ability to recruit supporters for his campaigns. After his election in November 1998 Hugo began making drastic changes to the government. He wanted to reevaluate the Constitution and make presidential terms endless. This is when Chavez first started to gain his haters because many citizens soon realized that he was a ruthless leader who wanted to be reelected indefinitely. Hugo Chavez was an attention seeking man and eyes needed to be on him at all times, he would seek out national appearances to make sure the country knew that he was Venezuela's figure head of the country.

For the Good and the Bad

When the old politicians were sined

Hugo Chavez trooped on in.

They popped him in jail the first time around

after he stood for election and won hands down

Hugo made land for his brothers,

and schools for his sisters,

and fulfilled peoples hopes, dreams

and all their hard work.

Although he had his goods, he also had his bads

and everyday I have to look at a

disgusting angry man who in the

end only cared for himself

and turned out to be a self centered

and attention seeking man


In this video from the New York times does a great overview of Hugo Chavez's presidency. Hugo was often seen as a messy, ruthless leader who thought he cold be reelected indefinitely. he was attention and power hungry and in some cases sought out hour long appearances on national television to receive this attention. While Chavez was running the Venezuelan government there were still some highly dysfunctional areas in society. Hospitals always lacked medical supplies, there was a constant battle with food shortages across the nation and Venezuela had the highest murder rate int he world. Although Hugo had many flaws he did better the government in many ways. His main focus was on stabilizing the economy and having equality for all. He used the countries revenue to boost spending on education and health care which helped tremendously. He also made the lower class feel constantly included in the government system for the first time in history. Hugo Chavez had very many positive and negative impacts on Venezuela and this video really shows that.

Did Hugo Chavez have more positive or negative impacts on the country of Venezuela?