Meridian's Weekly

Meridian, Idaho

Missing or Runaway?

Taylor Ridley went missing on Monday around 5:00. She was last seen leaving cheer practice at the Meridian High School. Taylor is 15 years old, 5'7" tall, and weighs about 135 lbs. Please call your local police department if you have any information on her disappearance.

Outstanding Students Of Meridian

All About Michael

Michael Vey is an outstanding student that attends Meridian High School and is in the 9th grade. Recently, he was invited to Elgen Academy with a huge scholarship. The principal at Meridian high describes Michael as a hard-working student that could travel far if he was led into the right direction. Mr. Dallstrom, his principal, thinks that this scholarship would do him good.

All About Ostin

Ostin Liss is an intelligent student that also attends Meridian High School. Ostin says, "I have a GPA of 4.0 only because it wont go any higher." Ostin thinks logically and outside of the box. Mr. Dallstrom thinks Ostin won't have any trouble getting into colleges.

All About Taylor

Taylor Ridley is a wonderful, cheery student. She is also in the 9th grade attending Meridian High School. Taylor is on the school cheer leading team and is one of the brightest students at Meridian High. All of her teachers have a positive overview of Taylor. She was also invited to Elgen academy with a scholarship.

Students Awarded a C.J. Hatch Scholarship

Taylor Ridley and Michael Vey have been a C.J. Hatch Scholarship at Elgen Academy in Pasadena, California. Both students currently attend Meridian High School and are in the 9th grade. If both students decide to attend the school, Meridian High will be awarded a $200,000 grant to use however they would like. The principal of Meridian High is very excited and hoped that both students take the offer.


On Monday around 8:00, Michael Vey and his mother were held at gunpoint and almost robbed. The man, known as Clyde, tried to steal their car and his mothers purse. Somehow, Clyde stopped, but the attack wasn't over. A man wearing a suit and sunglasses kidnapped Michael's mother and knocked out Michael. Although, their car and her purse were left untouched. Detectives have been working on this case non-stop. and we hope to return Michael's mother soon.

The Man That Wears Sunglasses at Night

Recently, Michael Vey and his mother were attacked by a man named Clyde. Although, he isn't the only one who was trying to kidnap them that night. A man came up to Michael the same night his mother was kidnapped. He had tried to kidnap Michael, but thankfully his friend showed up before he could do so. The man wore sunglasses at night and is still after Michael. If you have any information, please call your local police department.