Extra Credit!

Physical Science B - Summer 2014

Yes, you heard me right! Extra Credit!

I taught this class last semester and we had some issues. The course was recently reorganized, and when this happened, some of the test and quiz questions occurred at the wrong time. They're not unfair questions, exactly. They're just unfair when they're asked. I have tried to warn everyone about that, and for specific quizzes I will give more warnings. But generally this is one or two questions, not a huge pile, so it's a minor difference in the grade.

To help with this I am offering extra credit. Here are the terms of the extra credit:
  • Extra credit of up to 10% will be added to module/unit tests only. None of this goes to quizzes, daily assignments, or labs. NO extra credit goes to the final exam or EOCT.
  • No matter how much extra credit work you do, I cannot give more than 10 points to one test, and I cannot give credit that doesn't match the standards you were working on.
  • Go to http://usatestprep.com/
  • Create an account - our school ID is gavirtual , the activation code is newton88
  • Remember the ID you create, as it is your way in when you come back
  • Go to EOCT>Physical Science
  • Select the practice tab
  • Select "by element", and you must choose one of the chemistry topics. The element you pick will determine which test gets the extra credit. If you want atoms and matter extra credit, pick a topic from atoms and matter.
  • Select "10 random practice questions"
  • When you complete the work and get a score - and yes, you may re-take it for a higher score - TAKE A SCREENSHOT. That means take a picture of what's on your screen as proof. No screenshot, no credit! Screenshots must show your name, the topic, and your score. A good bit of screen capture software for screenshots and short flash videos is Jing. You can download it here.
  • Upload your screenshot to the dropbox under the module test extra credit folder of your choice. I will tell you in the feedback for the dropbox item how much extra credit was assigned and where.
  • You may do as much as you like, but only up to 10 points per test as noted above. It doesn't matter when you do the extra credit as long as it's all done by July 3, 2014.

Contact Your Teacher

Don't keep questions or confusion secret. You also don't have to make it public - just send me an email and I'll quietly help you out!