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Next week...instructional time!

One of the things held sacred through these halls is your instructional time. As we approach the holidays, I just wanted to refresh your memory of how quickly those minutes add up!

Imagine every teacher losing just three minutes during six different subjects while transitioning during the day. That's 18 minutes daily, 90 minutes (or one and one-half hours) weekly, 360 minutes (or six hours) monthly, and 3,240 minutes (or 54 hours) during a 9-month school year! If that's not shocking enough, the total amount of wasted time during a student's 12 years of elementary and secondary schooling equals 38,880 minutes (or 648 hours). In real terms, teachers end up using more than 16 weeks of class time (6 hours per day, 5 days per week) during those 12 years (or just two weeks less than a full semester)...attending to transitions!

Don't ever forget it: managing one's valuable instructional time is critically important to the entire schooling experience!! Every minute matters.

Giving thanks...

In case you missed some of those leaves out there...we are thankful for...

  • the early mornings, the late nights
  • teachers who cry b/c they care so much
  • AP's who work till 10
  • momma's who love their babies, both real and on their roster
  • team leaders and PLC leaders who stand for all of us
  • a giving staff (over $100 raised for Christian Care)
  • giving students (over 1200 cans brought in!)
  • families who allow us to be gone those early mornings, & late nights

"Leaf" what you're grateful for our board. (see what I did there??)

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Differentiation...huh? How about student centered?

In a student-centered learning environment, students are driving the learning themselves, rather than what the teacher dictates. Teachers would become more of a facilitator than the stand and deliverer in the classroom. Consider a lesson when you could turn ownership back to the students, allowing you to walk around and evaluate student progress, taking on a coaching role. Differentiation can take on many forms, it isn’t just a different version of a worksheet.

Techno Tip

Check out this link to help all those people who find it more convenient to email you their question rather than google it for themselves. If you're a power searcher, or other people think you are, try "let me google that for you". Enter a search term, click the Google Search button, and a link appears that you can copy, paste and send to your friend. When they click the link, an animation displays the complicated process of searching Google for information and then directs the user to the actual search results page from Google. Light and fun for this time of year! <<insert laughing emoticon here>

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