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Cooper High School - Types of Devices and Information

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What Type of Device Does My Student Need?

Every student is encouraged to bring a personal device, other than a cell phone, for the 2018-2019 school year. Teachers will continue to utilize our online learning management system (Canvas) to provide students with a blended learning model of teaching and learning to best meet the needs of all students. Students and teachers will integrate and use technology to enhance learning and provide students with the skills needed to be college, career, and life ready.

The Boone County School District and Cooper High School are not recommending what type of device to purchase for your student(s). With costs varying widely among types of devices, brand, and capabilities we encourage you to research and discuss what device will best meet the needs and interests of your student.

Below are three common types of devices with basic specs/information, district tips (including vendor links) as well as department-based suggestions for device capabilities:

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Cooper High School will NOT be allowing or supporting wireless printing from any student devices. Students will submit assignments digitally via Canvas or email and students will still have access to print assignments using a desktop library computer (assignments can be emailed using Boone student email accounts, saving to the Boone Google or OneDrive accounts, and/or using a flash drive to be printed).

Device Purchases --- Helpful Tips for High School Parents and Students (From the District)

Suggested Device Capabilities by Department

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CAMS and STEM Students:

For students in our CAMS (Cooper Academy of Mathematics and Science) program or interested in a STEM career pathway, a laptop rather than a Chromebook/Tablet is suggested.
For more information about our CAMS program, click here.


Q: What is the purpose of the Digital Conversion?

The Boone County School District’s Mission/Vision is to provide a challenging educational environment that allows each student to achieve to his or her highest potential as a learner and citizen. Students will use technology to learn through active engagement, collaboration and authentic experiences. Digital resources offer students more opportunities for personalized, accessible, and performance based tasks that prepare them for success in college, career and life.

Q: Will students still have all of their textbooks?

Students will continue to use traditional textbooks in some classes as well as Canvas and other digital resources for a blended learning experience.

Q: What is the school doing to help prevent theft at school?

Students will be responsible for keeping personal devices in their possession or locked in a locker at all times.

Q: What type of carrying case is allowed for the personal device?

Students will not be permitted to carry a backpack during the school day. A case or sleeve is permitted to protect the device. Any larger bags/cases or backpacks must be left in the locker.

Q: What kind of contract or agreements must be signed?

Students and Parents/Guardians will need to sign the district’s Acceptable Technology Use Procedures (located in the Code of Conduct) and complete Cooper's Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) requirements.

Q: How will students connect personal devices to the district’s wireless network?

After meeting Cooper's BYOT requirements, students will connect personal devices to the wireless network using their network log in credentials. Personal devices will have Internet access only. It is recommended to RESTART the device when you go home and when you return to school.

Q: Is Internet access at home required?

Internet access will be provided at school. If a student needs to work on something at home and does not have Internet access, the student should download the necessary files to work on at home. Any student is welcome to stay after school or come in early to gain access to the school Internet. The school library media center is open beginning at 7:00am and is open until 3:30pm daily. Additionally, the public library and many local establishments provide free Internet access.

Q: Will students be able to print while at school?

Students will turn in most of their work electronically. Students will be able to print via district owned desktop devices. Students will not be able to print from personal devices (assignments can be emailed using Boone student email accounts, saved to the Boone Google or OneDrive accounts, and/or saved to a flash drive to be printed).

Q: Will students be able to charge devices during the school day?

Students are encouraged to use sleep mode or turn off devices when not in use to save power. Students should bring fully charged devices to school each day.

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