"The No Guitar Blues"

by: Gary Soto


This story is about a boy named Fausto who was inspired by the band named Los Lobos and they were in American Bandstand, he knew what he wanted to do in life, play guitar. When watching American Bandstand he had heard of a guy named Ray Canado and thtas when he wanted to make his own band, to sweat out his songs and prance around the stage, to make money and dance weird. But he needed money to buy a guitar. His family was broke, so he needed a job. For a job he gets a rake and asks people if he could rake their lawns. After that he sits at the curb and eats an orange, while he's sitting there a dog shows up. it looked like a rich dog, like it belonged to rich people and he checked his collar, it said the address, number, and his name "Roger". He took the dog back to his owners house. Fausto came up with the idea to say he found him near the highway. they gave him $20 and he had donated the money to the church, but then felt guilty that he did. Finally,he had gotten a Mexican guitar from his grandpa and was happy.


Fausto had a problem, he wanted a guitar but he had no money and his family was broke. So he got a job on raking leaves for people. But barely got anything, but while sitting on a curb, he spotted a dog and returned him to his owners house and got $20.

Parts of the story

"The No Guitar Blues"


I thought this story was good because it was about a boy who wanted a guitar to play in a band.