About Cats

Questions and facts answered and told!


Cats are some awesome, cute, and fun animals. There are many questions about them, and I can

How do cats land on their feet (all the time)?

The myth that cats always land on their feet has been around for a long time. Some people are surprised to know that cats don’t always land on their feet. Although cats are born with the ability to land on their feet more often because of their special spine form, when their are young, their mind is still developing. This means their reaction time is a bit slower, lowering their chance to land right. Even adult cats don’t always land right. For the regular kitten who was just born, it usually takes six to eight weeks for them to hone their skills.

How can cats see better in the dark than us?

Cats are well known for their ability to see in the dark. Although they can’t see in total darkness, in (semi) dark places they can still see well. This is because first off, cats have the ability to open their cornea super wide, allowing more light into the pupil. Second, they have WAY more rod and cone cells. The rod cells are the ones who help in low light scenarios, and cone cells help in normal scenarios. Cats also have a reflective area in the back of their eye called the tapetum lucidum. This is why their eyes “glow” or “shine” when you shine a light in their eyes.

Why do cats move their tail so much?

One of the most important parts of a cat is its tail, and it is used for more than one purpose too. Cats use their tails for communication, as well as for balance. The way they communicate through their tail to other cats is through form. For example, if a cat’s tail is “hooked” and moving fast back and forth, it is probably wild. For balance, cats use their tail as kind of a counter balance. Just like a tightrope walker uses a pole to counteract them from falling one way, the cat does the same. Think of the tail like that pole, if the cat leans a bit to the left, it moves its tail right. Cats usually use this trick while walking on thin edges or cramped ledges like a fence or shelfs.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats are pretty cautious out in the wild when it comes to something behind them. This trait also rubs off to house cats too. The new viral videos are going around where someone places a cucumber behind their cat while the cats eating or drinking, then when the cat turns around, he or she is scared by the object.