Celebrating Success

Our May Newsletter

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What a Month!!!

Congratulations Ladies!! We are an Associate Director Team!! This is certainly a title that I never DREAMED I would achieve when I started this journey 2 years ago. When I signed up, AT a trunk show (yes it does actually happen) I told my sponsor Kim Hardin..."You realize I'm not ACTUALLY doing this right? It just makes sense to get more jewelry for the same price!!" Well thanks to the amazing women on this team, dreams that you never wished can come true!! We have a lot to celebrate this month and I want to recognize every single one of you!!


I would love to brainstorm on a fun name for our team!! We "technically" don't get to have a team name until we are a Senior Director team I believe but I would like to call us "something"!!! I would love to hear some fun ideas from you all!!

Let's get together for a ZOOM chat/ conference call on Thursday May 12th at 8:30 pm CST. I will send out the link and info on how to log-in next week! We can throw around the name ideas and share our Q2 goals with each other!

Amazing Accomplishments!

What does it mean to be an Associate Director team? It means that we sold over $20,000 ($23,964 to be exact), had 2 new qualified stylist, I had 4 personally sponsored qualified stylists, and we had a Star leg as well!! We held 18 trunk shows in April and 6 of those were PURPLE DOT shows (sales over $1000)!!! With the new sign up special we added 5 new stylists to our team!

Karen Berthot (Meghan Heuring)

Katie Waeltz (Meghan Kreher)

Tami Carroll (Vicky Byrd)

Anita Fung (Vicky Byrd) Our 1st Canadian stylist - woo hoo!

Stacy Ries (Stefanie Lynn)

I have to congratulate Vicky Byrd who sold an amazing $11,677 in one month, was #30th in sales for the entire company, sponsored 2 new girls, had all of her team qualify, promoted to STAR and earned her diamond necklace!! Simply amazing!!!

Qualified Stylists:

Meghan Heuring

Meghan Kreher

Jennifer Presley

Emily Rodenbeck

Vicky Byrd

Dana Heimann

Katie Waeltz

Tami Carroll

Wendy Roe

Nicole Lanier

Liliana Dujela

Hoopla - Orlando 2016

There is still plenty of time to register for Hoopla! Registration is open until June 30th. Hoopla is an amazing weekend of life coaching, business training, fun, friendship building, and so much more. I would love to strategize with you all on how you can get to Hoopla! Right now myself, Vicky Byrd, and Meghan Kreher will be attending!

Meghan Heuring - Associate Director

Stella & Dot Independent Stylist