News from Class 3

Newsletter #18

News from the classroom

Last week we ended out 4 week block on Fibers. We covered Queen Silk, King Cotton, wool and linen. The children composed their own passages about each fiber, and drew a picture in their morning lesson book, to accompany their writing. It was special to see your children's eyes light up when I would point out what fiber they were wearing. Connecting the children to the earth, in this simple way, allows them to feel a sense of security.

On Friday, I grouped students together into small groups, and had them come up with what they felt should be our classroom commandments. We will take a look at these on Tuesday, and will then decide which of them will become our shared classroom commandments!

I am now returning to a math block, and to accompany this block, I will have a 3 week Shelter block. During this block the students will have a chance to build a fort in Bodega bay, work with clay in the classroom, and be out in nature building small shelters. They will be introduced to long division, and we will refresh our learning of double and triple digit multiplication. It is very important that your child continue to work on their multiplication tables, with you, at home.

Their first homework sheet is due tomorrow. I hope they have shown their enthusiasm for learning, and have been able to feel successful in meeting my expectations. Thank you for helping to guide them, and to allow these new study habits to form, by preparing their home space.

Homework: The students will continue to read 20 minutes daily, aloud, and write a sentence based on their reading. They will continue their music, and this week we will add 5 minutes of movement (they can always do it longer). I will be teaching the students a "Zoo Exercise" (link attached) called Pop-up Squirrel.

Pop-Up Squirrel

Take a squat position and cross arms in front of body. Spring to an erect position, feet astride and weight on heels. At the same time, fling arms out to the side and up to diagonal position above the shoulders. Jump back to start- ing position and repeat continuously as able.

Beach Field-Trip February 4th

On February 4th, we will be joining Sunridge to head to Salmon Creek to build driftwood forts. I hope that you are able to help drive. The field trip form will be coming home tomorrow, so make sure to send that back on Wednesday. Every student will need full rain gear for this field trip!

Sign up genius So far only half our class can go!

Waldorf at Weill

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 6:30pm

1801 East Cotati Avenue

Rohnert Park, CA

Waldorf at Weill

In 2012, taking Credo High School students on a tour of then-unfinished Weill Hall, Credo Executive Director had the inspiration to gather the North Bay's nine Waldorf schools for an annual celebration of their accomplished music programs. The first Waldorf at Weill concert was held in 2013 and has occurred each winter since then. Each of the nine participating schools sends one representative music class, and each show has featured about 300 performers. The annual event gives students a high-profile, professional event to strive for and also introduces young students to the social protocols of concert going. "This event, like none other, has brought our Waldorf community together in harmony, and has show the larger community the remarkable musical accomplishments of Waldorf music education, public and private. We are so grateful to Sonoma State for this annual opportunity," Romer said.

3rd Grade Strings Ensemble

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 12-12:15pm

Assembly Room

The 3rd grade will perform a small piece of music. If you cannot attend, they will perform again at the All School Assembly.

All School Assembly

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 1:30pm

390 Morris Street

Sebastopol, CA

Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to our All School Assembly. Your 3rd grade students will be performing a string ensemble. The rest of the school will show you a small glimpse into their classroom learning. All students will be picked up at the Sebastopol Community Center at 3pm.