Teens Staying up Too Late

Get the amount of sleep you need each night to be more happy

Recommened hours of sleep

There are Recommended hours of sleep that people should follow, but most people don’t. Infants: 12-18 hours Toddlers/Children: 10-14 hours Adolescents: 8.5-9.25 hours Adults: 7-9 hours. If you don't follow these times, and you are tired a lot in the day, you should start to follow the times.

Sleep disorders

There are different types of sleep disorders:

Insomnia- Insomnia, or the inability to sleep, affects your sleep pattern largely. Insomnia only lasts for a few days usually. Insomnia comes to people that are fairly healthy and have no problems sleeping.

REM (rapid eye movement)- REM is where you fall into a very deep sleep and your eyes rapidly move

The things that you should be doing before bed

The things that you should not be doing before bed

Our Solution

We have a solution to try to get teens to get more sleep. A clock! You plug your phone into the clock and set a time for settle down time (when you should be reading, homework, etc.) a time for eyes closed time, and a wake up time. When you set these times your phone automatically shuts off and charges.