Darrell Lance Abbot Killed on Stage

In loving memory of "Diembag" Darrell

Darrell Abbot Shot on Stage by Former Marine

Only 38 years old, Darrell Lance Abbot was shot and killed by a former Marine, Nathan Gale. He was playing a show with his band Damageplan at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio and the night ended with a tragedy. The killer stormed the stage with a 9mm gun in hand, and shot Darrell three times in the head. He continued shooting, at people on stage, fans in the crowd, and security. Gale then took a hostage, holding him by the neck and pointing a gun at his head. A brave police officer named James Niggemeyer suck up behind the gunman and shot him, killing him instantly.

Behind the Story

Darrell once played for a band called Pantera, but they decided to go on hiatus. Following the hiatus, Pantera decided to split up in 2003. Then Darrell started a band called Damageplan with a few members from Pantera. The music was similar in style, but they stretched their capabilities more.

Unfortunately, Nathan Gale, the former Marine, decided to take out his anger on the guy that lead the breakup, "Dimebag" Darrell. Gale would often be found listening to Pantera which makes it ironic how he would kill the one guy that made all that music that he listens to.