Oct. 6th, Vol. 8

STEM Booster Club

We have the best parents! After meeting with parents interesting in launching our STEM Booster club, I am thrilled to announce that we are on our way. They have selected their board and are in the process of filing the appropriate paperwork with the school district. Be on the look out for membership information in the near future! Their first project will be a STEM T-shirt. Ordering information coming soon.

Curriculum Connections

Students continue to work hard. Here's what they are working on this week:

Science: Density and Minerals

Math: Order of Operations

Language Arts: Point of View

Social Studies: Culture Strands

Don't forget:

Please help students remember that there are SEVERAL different ways they can complete their schoolwork/homework AT SCHOOL.

1) Students often have at least 1 day a week where they are able to complete work during 6th period corral.

2) There is a STEM teacher's room open every morning from 7:30-8:00 and every afternoon (except Friday) until 4:00.

3) The Student Achievement Class (SAC) is held every morning at 7:00 in the lecture hall.

Help students learn to take advantage of these times to stay caught up on classwork. This will save them from the "Progress Report Hustle" next week.