someone you love but they dont like you back!


I told my friend who my crush was....But it was a secret.

Then a couple weeks later she told my crush on facebook that i liked him and she said to him: Hey... Theres someone you well fricken love she's hot.....( but im not...) He's like okay: She said: Well her name is Kaylen Inagaki. And he's like noooo...Shes Crazy. And then when my friend told me she made me so mad that i wanted to break her FACE! ( SECRET listen...) She Made a huge disaster to me. and i was about to cry that he said no. Its like no boys think im cute or pretty it really hurts my feelings. I hope you all know even if you think your Popular and cute...Just wait tell the end of your WHOLE life.

Based on a True Story!


The next day before she told my crush, i went to school the next day. My crush stared at me like the whole fricken time. I just ignored him and never want to Look at him again. It kinda made me sad looking at him. in my mind ( I wondered if he likes me now ) But i still hate him. He probably feels sorry for what he's done to my life. Im done I dont need a boyfriend, I Dont want to get married.

I just need to know when well my love come around.