Holy Cross Music

Ms. Holliday

Music in Our Schools Month!

March was Music in Our Schools Month. Scroll down to see what the Holy Cross Hornets have been up to in music class!
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Holy Cross Loves Music!

Teachers and students submitted reasons why they love music for the classroom bulletin board!


Our kindergarten class has been learning how to distinguish between high/low and loud/soft sounds. Most recently we did some fun activities with body percussion and played marching tag!

First Grade

During 3rd quarter, our first graders have been hard at work learning their rhythms! We finished up the unit by creating note value pizzas! Here are some videos your student can follow at home to practice rhythms:



Second Grade

Holy Cross second graders learned about the instrument of the orchestra during third quarter! We have also made our own music with boomwhackers and performed for the class!

Third Grade

Third graders spent third quarter learning about the instruments of the orchestra and two composers - Bach and Beethoven. We are currently starting to play ukuleles and have learned all of our note names!

Fourth Grade

Holy Cross fourth graders have been learning how to play ukuleles this semester. Stay tuned for information about band and strings for next year!

Fifth Grade

Our fifth graders have been hard at work learning their instruments and preparing for the spring concert. Our spring concert will be all virtual this year with a video sent out on May 6th to watch at your convenience!

Junior High

Our junior high students have been working on research projects. Each student has picked out a genre of music from the 20th century and researched the impact the music has had on society. The eighth graders have also been doing projects in bandlab, a program that allows students to create their own music!