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News from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 2 Write Score Assessments begin for 3-5

Oct. 2 Heather at CST Meeting

Oct. 3 Make up picture day

Oct. 4 PAWS PD Committee planning 2:45pm

Oct. 5 No school for students-RFF Day

Oct. 6 No school for students-Teacher Workday

Oct. 9 No school-Columbus Day

Oct. 19 K students Read for the Record!

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Who Wants to Start a Pineapple Chart with me?

The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality; it’s used in the chart in the spirit of welcoming one another into our school “homes.”

A Pineapple Chart is a system that allows teachers to invite one another into their classrooms for informal observation. The chart is set up in some location where teachers go on a daily basis: the teacher’s lounge, the copy room, or wherever teacher mailboxes live in your school. On the chart, teachers “advertise” the interesting things they are doing in their classrooms, activities they think others might want to observe. The activities could be as complex as a science lab, a history simulation, or a Skype session with a school in another country. Or they could be as simple as a read-aloud or a lesson on badminton.

The chart represents one week of school. Along the top, five columns are labeled Monday through Friday. Along the side, rows assigned to various chunks of each school day. In an elementary school, the rows could be divided by hours or half-hours.

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Math Focus

I found some interesting math posts this week:
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Shout Out!

Shout out to Lindsey White! She successfully implemented her new knowledge of Reading Workshop from our recent RUOS training! See the photos below. Way to go!!
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Book Leveling and Classroom Library Book Bins

Do you need help leveling books in your classroom library? Below are a few resources to help!

Do you need help with your student book bins? I am available to help! Just let me know when you'd like me! Don't forget to set up student "Look Books" in a different location than student leveled books.

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Guided Reading vs. Strategy Group

Both work together beautifully! Click the link to see this amazing chart!
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Read for the Record - Oct.19

NPE Kindergarten will take part in Jumpstart's Read for the Record on October 19!

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record raises public awareness about the importance of early childhood education programs, early literacy, and community involvement for all children, of every income level. By gathering to read the same book on the same day, we can all be a part of setting a new world record in a way that engages our entire community – children, families, and civic leaders – in our schools.

The 2017 campaign book Quackers written by Liz Wong, is a wonderful story that follows a kitten who grows up believing he is a duck. This tale is about understanding, acceptance, and learning it’s ok to be whoever you want to be.

I am available to read to your class!