Before The World Ends...

Will Daniel Estes have a succesful life?

He gives us no promises about this.

For now, he evaluates what job he should have for his life.

He knows that he'd be good at a job because of his interests, skills, values, and his brain...

He is left-brained. This means he is a little more logical than creative. He is also green, gold, and orange. This means he wants Freedom, Responsiblity, and Competency. Supposedly he is these things...

The Colors Describing Daniel

Daniel At least has some SKILLS!!

He has:

Health Informatics

Professional Support Services

Legal Services

Agribusiness Systems

Correction Services

Does Daniel Have Job Interests?

He has:

Correction Services

Family and Community Services

Banking Services

Travel and Tourism

Administration and Administrative Support

So, what does Daniel have in work values?

He has:






What Does Daniel want to be when he grows up?


What does it mean to be a Chief Executive?

What are the tasks?

What are the conditions?

How does Daniel relate with his values, skills, and interests?

What type of education does this reqire?

All this and more when you scroll down!

The working conditions of a Chief Executive:

Long hours, including evenings and weekends are standard for most top executives and general managers, although their schedules may be flexible

Many top executives also attend meetings and conferences sponsored by various associations

Top executives are under intense pressure to succeed; depending on the organization, success may mean earning higher profits, providing better service, or attaining fundraising and charitable goals

The tasks required for being a Chief Exective are:

Talk with board members, officials, and staff to coordinate activities and resolve problems.

Evaluate employee performance.

Make sure policies and regulations are being followed.

Negotiate contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, and federal and state agencies

What does Daniel have in relationship to the skills, interests, and values of a Chief Executive?

What interests him:

Administration and Administrative Support

What skills he needs:

Managing one's own time and the time of others.

What values he has for this job:

Innovation and Prestige

What education does the job need?

He needs to take Business Administration and Liberal Arts classes in college.

He needs a Bachelor's degree.

Other: Top executives must have highly developed personal qualities and be able to communicate clearly and persuasively. An analytical mind, the ability to analyze large amounts of information and data quickly, and the ability to evaluate the relationships among numerous factors, also are important qualities. For managers to succeed, they need other important qualities as well, including leadership, self-confidence, motivation, decisiveness, flexibility, sound business judgment, and determination.

How About Daniel's High School?

Go Bentonville Tigers!

Daniel will be attending Bentonville High School for his high schol years. Click Here to learn maore about Bentonville High School.

Sure, Daniel will go to high scool, but what does he need to do in high school?

He will do this in 9th grade: (2013-2014)

Plan to take the PSAT.

Develop good study habits.

Take 4 years of a language other than English.

Take the most rigorous classes available to improve college admission possibilities.

His 10th grade year: (2014-2015)

Start to obtain higher grades, and make sure he is on schedule to complete graduation requirements.

Study for and take the PSAT.

After studying PSAT scores, look at more colleges to try to find out his career.

Get involved with clubs or school activities.

His 11th grade year: (2015-2016)

Care about his grades.

Register for the SAT classes and the PSAT. Take PSAT.

Write to the colleges that interest him, study college information, and collect information on scholarships and financial aid programs.

Participate in a SAT/ACT preparation program, Take the SAT or ACT. Take Achievement Test(s). Continue to develop strong study habits. Explore opportunities for college dual-enrollment credit.

His 12th grade year: (2016-2017)

Register for and take college admissions tests if he haven’t already.

He should meet application deadlines for early decision (usually November 10, 2016) housing, scholarships, or financial aid. Take/retake he SAT/ACT if necessary.

Expect notification of early decision acceptance or deferral by December 15. Ask his parents to begin gathering their financial information.

Keep his grades up, finish strong, remember that he will be accepted to college. Check deadlines for financial aid/scholarship grants. Many forms are due by March 1, 2017.

Take Advanced Placement Tests.

**HAVE A HAPPY GRADUATION** Finalize all paperwork

Daniel's life after graduation

Friday, June 30th 2017 at 12am


What will happen in his life?

What about after high school? Where will he go for college?

He will go to Ouachita Baptist University!

Located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, this wonderful private school will teach him everything he else he needs to know be a Chief Executive for four years. For more info info on Ouachita Baptist, click here

How will he get in?

As of the 2012-2013 school year, there are 1,245 students at Ouachita Baptist University. Daniel will likely get into this school because all he has to give the scholl is his high school records, and he has to have a GPA.

How much will it Cost?

For Daniel, it will cost him $29,710 a year. The cost is like this because he is living on campus for $6,040. He is charged $580 per credit hour, $20,360 tuition, and $1,000 for books. Other estimated expenses are around $2,500.

Once all this works out he will be living a pretty successful life.

For now though, he stays in The Twilight Zone...