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No Teacher Left Behind. Is it Possible?


Yes, all teachers should be presented with the opportunity to develop better teacher habits, better ways to facilitate a lesson, and betters ways connect with their students. A teacher is always learning. Ways we as a nation could do this is find ways to provide for them more continuing education opportunities and seek their input with education technologies. All disciplines are different in their own way. One cannot expect an English teacher to use the same practices as a Math teacher. So, there is no one thing that can be done to promote better learning. There should however be a standard for continuing education acquired by the teachers. As new operating systems are use teachers should me educated and tested. Every five years educators should take the same standardized test students take. No matter the grade. If we are going to have core standards let them test themselves. The NETS-T (ISE-T) are great standards for teaching with technology. Unfortunately, I do not think teachers are being prepared across the board. After my interviews, I found that innovative technology rich schools add lessons and learning exercises that complement technology. But, technology can be far from heavily used is traditional non-21 century, project based classrooms.
No Teacher Left Behind Bryan Fiese
No Teacher Left Behind -Understanding Theory C


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