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Wednesday 24th October @ 8pm GMT

The Real Deal won BBC TV’s Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2012. Showing that not only do their young people learn how to perform, they also learn how to succeed in life. Young and Talented adopt a holistic approach which seeks to simultaneously address the emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and intellectual needs in a young person’s life. Co founder Suzann Mclean has many more stories to share with us live about her inspirational group

Suzann McLean - Actress, Director and Founder of Young and Talented School of Stage and Screen

Suzann is the founder and director of the not-for-profit theatre school for children aged 6-16. Young and Talented have been nurturing and developing young people for stage and screen since 2004. As an actress Suzann has a passion to share her expertise as an advocate for how good theatre workshops are for enthusing community spirit. Come and hear her Live interview with free2live2 co host Trevor Carter, on Wednesday 24th October @8pm

Live Interview with Suzann Mclean

Wednesday 24th October 8pm GMT. Suzann is offering a give away free session at Young and Talented to those who tune into this LIVE Show. For further information as to what you need to do to grab this fantastic offer join us.

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Young & Talented for Stage, Screen and Life Video

Find out why Young and Talented School of Stage and Screen has become repeatedly known for giving young people the best possible grounding in the arts.

Go to:http://youtu.be/7XyefO0hS-c