events in 2004

(sarahs year)

Tsunami! Earthquake!

In Asia there was an earthquake that released about enough energy to power the United States for six months, and a tsunami that had waves up to 30 meters(100 feet)high together they killed nearly 250,000 people.

Mars Rover

the mars rover "spirit" lands on mars on January 3rd and "opportunity"(below)January 25th. spirit died in 2010 but"opportunity" is still up there.

same sex Marriage in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is the first state to legalize same sex marriage in the U.S.A. The U.S.A. was the sixth nation in the world to do this.

top books,music and sports teams

top books

The top books were The Davinci Code,Angels and Demons and The South Beach Diet.

top music

the top songs were Yeah! and Burn by Usher

Top Sports Teams

the top sports teams are Red Sox(baseball),Patriots(football) andD.C. United(soccer)



The Olympics in 2004 were held at athens,grece.this year(2014) is the first year that I am old enough to remember it.If I could remember the Olympics in 2004 I would know what to ecspect.

the average prices of milk,eggs,and bread in the U.S.A. in 2004 and 2014\2013

The price of a loaf of bread was $1.05.The price of a gallon of milk was $3.75.The price of a dozen eggs were $0.99.Now a loaf of bread is from $3.00 to $5.00.Now a dozen eggs cost $2.00.Now a gallon of milk is $3.55.

My Interview

I interviewed my dad his favorite movie was The Incredibles his favorite book was the Da Vinci code and his favorite technology is the i-pod