By: Hyssop Cha

Cities of Argentina

The Capital of Argenitna is Buenos Aires, which means "good airs" in Spanish. Two other major cities in Argentina include Choele Choel and Neuquen.
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Argentina Info

Argentina won it's indepence from Spain on 7/9/1819. Argentina is east of Chile on the map. It is also the second largest country in Latin America and varys in landform types.

Politcal and Diplomacy info

Argentina has a democracy and has Christina Fernandez de Kircher. This country is on good terms with most countries, examples of this is that Argentina does trade with many different states and enocurages international tourism.

Economic and Trade info

Argentina's Currency is the Euro. This country exports soybean meal, corn, gold, cars, and many other goods to Brazil, U.S, China, Germany, etc. Argentina also imports petroleum, cars, vehicles parts, and more from Brazil, China, Chile, U.S, Netherlands, Spain, and others.

Tourist Info

Argentina recieves many tourists visiting the natural features of Argentina and Buenos Aires. Tourists should visit Izuagu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and is the most visited area in Argentina and Brazil.
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